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Life with no email ….

Posted: August 29, 2011 in My Life, My Work

SO for the last two days my email account I use for like …, everything, has been down.  I feel so out of touch, plus it is my work email so I have been up all night last couple nights working on and worrying about it.

imageI was once asked if I could have been born in any time period of life, when would that have been.  I do not know what year it was, but I want to live in the time where you sat on the front porch as a whole family, whittled and talked and watched the kids play.  Simple.  Uncomplicated., low paced. Restful.  All those things I want in my life but cannot get most times since things come at me faster than I can handle them.  Come to think of it, I want my porch on the beach like the picture here.

I wish God would do this:

Mark 4:39
He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

How did it get like this? Is there a way to slow it all down and still be a part of society?


Here I am …, but why?

Posted: August 26, 2011 in My Life
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“Here I am…., On the road again.  Here I am…., up on the stage”.

You may recognize a few of the words from the Bob Seger song, “Turn the Page”.  This is what came to mind when I sat down to put keyboard to blog today.  Go check out the lyrics on that link, it could almost have been a song about blogging. 

It has been a while since I posted a blog entry, and I keep hearing Mandy Thompson tell (nag?  Encourage?) me to just stop and write, so here I go.  I thought I would just dive in and try to explain why I even want to blog my personal thoughts, since the words I blog seem to come from a place I do not readily connect to at a conscious level. Okay – that sounds strange, even to me.  What I mean by that is that I seem to have around 4 or so actual different levels of thought:

  • Public – These are the thoughts I have that I communicate verbally.  They are wayyy too guarded.  Think about it – you do this too, hide your real thoughts.
  • Private – Only for my own consumption.  Sorry – you would freak out if I shared those with you.  #tmi
  • God stuff – I know he hears all the thoughts, but sometimes I have specific conversations (thoughts because they are not always verbal), where I think differently and more honestly than I even do internally to myself.  And yeah – he talks back to me.  I hope that freaks all you atheists out.
  • Blogging – I try and mix all the above up into a written form that I want to share.  Why?  For one thing, I want to get your input, but it doesn’t matter if I do or not – just better if I do.  Secondly, I want to help you elicit a little honest thinking as I try and be relationally real at an appropriate level.  So if it makes you think a little bit…., Yayyy.

What comes out in my blogging category is a real hodgepodge of what is in my head, so can be wildly different from day to day.  But in some strange way it all comes together in a reasonable manner – or at least to me it does, your results may vary there.  It just serves a real clarifying purpose for me, as I try and organize my thinking.

So there – that’s why I am here, on the stage.  Weird, or does it make some sense to you? Tags: ,