The Un-Crowded Community

Posted: October 6, 2010 in God's word, Lessons learned, Spiritual Thoughts

Ever notice in the Bible that Jesus was not into crowds?  He dealt with them when he had to, but most of the time he avoided them.  I think he was most comfortable and yes more effective when he was with the smaller groups where the intimacy could be felt.  People connect with people in a lot of awesome ways.

I really dislike crowds.  But I also dislike being alone for extended periods of time.  I am at my best when I find a balance between the two.  Ever wonder about that, about why we need to be involved with others in our lives?  I truly believe that God designed it that way.

image Some of my very best times have been when I am alone, and I have also enjoyed being caught up in the excitement of being in the crowd as well.  But somewhere inside of me I understand that the best place to be in general is somewhere in between those two, as a part of a community of believers.  People need people to help them through their lives, and God places people in our paths to help us on our way.  When I am struggling with something in my life, I believe God sends people to help me get through it.  They are a support group that can help hold my hand, and an accountability factor when I start to stray where I should not.  They help me get out of trouble, but they help keep me out of trouble as well.  I also believe that I need to be a part of that community to serve.  Just as I need help in times of trouble, I need to be there and offer help to others.  God has given us each individual strengths that just like a link in a chain, make us all stronger.  To not put those to use would be a shame.  I think this completes the circle of need that God has made perfect.

So where are you?  Are you a part of a community?  If you get in trouble, do you have a support mechanism around you?  How about when others are struggling?  Are you present, aware of their struggles, and there to lend help as needed?  If you

are, then you know the joy of helping, and of being helped.  If not, then you are really missing out on what God has for each of us.  Seek it out – you will soon discover the joy of being part of something bigger than yourself, where you can help and be helped!

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  1. James says:

    Good stuff man! I’m glad I found your blog!

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