“Declare your change to the right One”

Posted: September 22, 2010 in God's word, Lessons learned, Spiritual Thoughts
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We do not often ask for change.  A lot of the time when we refer to change we see it as a negative thing, but occasionally we hear ourselves say, “I need a change.”  When I see something in my life I want to change, I try and ask God to help me change it.  I find that when I do that I feel more like God is on my side as I work through whatever efforts are required to make the change happen.  Having God on your side is always a good thing, but it can also increase your own personal accountability.  Accountability is something I always need when doing a difficult task, it seems to make me more aware of the need and hesitant to do wrong or not do right when I need to.  Asking God to help has a way of talking you out of bad change as well.
For example,  I made a decision a few months ago to lose some weight.  I got on a scale one day and said, “I GOTTA change.”  So I sat down and God and I talked about it for a bit (to some that would be called a prayer, but most of my talks with God are more chatty in style).  WE (as opposed to just I) decided that I needed to do what it took to lose a few.  So I declared to God that I was going to do it, and He promised to help.  Yep – I made a promise to God, and He promised He would help me with it.  It was at that point that my accountability began to grow.  I became very interested in fulfilling my promise, because I knew He would hold up His end!

Now don’t get me wrong, it was not fun sometimes.  But making a promise to God, AFTER I had asked Him to change me on some way just felt more real, and there really, really is not a way you can fool God, right?  Wow.  That’s accountability.  But guess what?  He did his part very well.  Every time I started to quit, I heard that whispered voice say, “You can do this, and I will help you. Remember our little talk?”

I know – you guys think I am weird, but it was very, very real to me.  Not only was I determined not to disappoint, I felt strongly supported.  God also used my wife and daughter, and some friends and family members to be encouraging and help me on my way.  He supplied what I needed to fulfill my promise.  I did end up losing the weight.  I am proud of my efforts, and honestly can say I grew closer to God in the process.  We call that a win-win!

Psalm 37:5 (NIV): Commit your way to the LORD;  trust in him and he will do this”

Do you want or need to make a change?  Sit down and talk to God about it.  Not only will the accountability help, but the help He can provide is far beyond your own abilities!

Go change something!


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