The Broken Faucet

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Lessons learned, My Life, Spiritual Thoughts


I have to tell you this story.  No great spiritual truth for you this week, just some plain old good sense God taught me.

Our bathroom faucet was broken.  In my great wisdom I decided to disassemble the thing and examine the problem, then use my diagnostic plumbing skills to correct it.  "Hmmm, this little thingie goes here, this little thangie goes in there".  Nothing to it, right?  I couldn’t figure it out.  What the heck?  I’ll just replace it. So I go to Lowe’s, and was most excited to find a faucet that was very nice, and was on clearance!  Excellent. Price, $53 for both.  Both you say?  Well, it is a 2 sink bathroom, and the faucets have to match of course. So I took the packages home and said to myself, "This is gonna take a while, I can’t get to this today."  Two weeks went by, and we still had a broken faucet.  The thought of the daunting task of replacing two entire faucets overwhelmed me.  Fast forward a few days when a friend’s father was over, looked at the faucet and said, "All you need is this one $7 part and you can fix this in 5 minutes."  Huh? Yagoddabekiddingme.  So I went to the plumbing supply place, and sure enough, $7.  Wow.  A little knowledge from the right source can make a big difference.

Is your faucet broken? Trying to fix it yourself? It struck me in this experience that even though I thought I could fix my little problem, I went after a big solution that was really more than I could handle, and I lacked the knowledge to do the repairs. But when I consulted a friend who knew plumbing, my problem was solved quickly and easily.  What looked like a big issue to me was small potatoes to someone else.  I think God shakes his head at us at times.  He offers us support in our friends, family, church and community, but we get so determined to fix it ourselves that we won’t ask for help, and end up doing nothing.  Do you reach out for help when you need it?  If not, then your faith in your friends is underutilized.  Whether it is an emotional, spiritual, or physical problem, God has provided for you. Do you trust Him?  Then bow your head and ask him to help you find your plumber friend. He’ll do it. Once identified, give them a call and ask for help. It will bless you, and bless them to be able to help.

I still have to fix that faucet myself.  However this time, I will be thankful for the support God provided to make my task easier.  How about you?

Have a great day, and go fix that faucet!


[UPDATE: – Faucet fixed.  7 bucks!!] Tags: ,,


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