Perspective Adjustment

Posted: May 26, 2010 in My Life, Spiritual Thoughts

I don’t normally do this, but I am going to put in a shameless plug for a book I just read.  The book is called "The Noticer"
by  Andy Andrews.  I read a lot of books, so why am I mentioning this one to you?  Because it shook me up.  It made me uncomfortable, and sent me on a path of real self-examination.  It is a book about the perspectives people have on life, relationships, etc.  By the time I was halfway through this book, I was finding myself rethinking a lot of what I assumed were truths about who people are, and how I should view them.  I won’t spoil the book for you (but do hope you will take the time to read it, only 176 pages), but I can just about guarantee it will give you some very big improvements to your perspective, relationships, and day to day life.
Perspective is basically a filter through which we view things.  If you encounter someone who seems to be a bit short with you today, you will likely assume that they are just being rude to you.  That is viewed through your "I should be treated better than that!" filter.  But what would happen if today when someone treats you rudely, you put on the "I wonder what has upset them" filter?  You may stop, politely ask them if they are okay, and possibly find out that they had a long time pet pass away today (that actually happened to me by the way).  Once they expressed what was going on in their life that made them upset, my perspective toward that person totally changed, and I was able to be a positive listener for them, instead of being angry.  Big difference.  Now this is but one example of how perspective can make a difference, but the book contains many, many thought provoking life situations that have helped me to see just how wrong I am in the way I view things at times.  That upset my little apple cart a lot, and has propelled me to cast away a lot of my "known" judgments and perspectives.  It changed my perspective on perspectives!
What about your God perspective?  Do you see Him as a loving, caring God, or are you angry at Him for not answering your prayers, or allowing things to happen to you that you do not like.  God’s perspective of us is viewed through the filter of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.  His filter is love –  not anger or disappointment.  We are the ones who assume He is angry or upset.  Think about that for a while.  If your perspective towards someone is total love, how forgiving are you?  Amazingly so.  So it’s not that hard to understand that the grace God gives us comes from a total filter of love.  He just loves us – it is simple.
I hope you will get a copy of "The Noticer", and I hope you will always remember when God looks at you, his filter is love.
I hope you have a great week examining your perspectives!



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