Posted: April 22, 2010 in Lessons learned, My Life, Spiritual Thoughts

image When you drive a car down a hill in the mountains, things can get a little tricky and if you aren’t careful, can even get totally out of control as momentum takes over. If you are carrying a lot of weight in your vehicle, or the road is a little slippery, it can be much worse. If you are driving uphill, and your load is heavy, sometimes it is all you can do just to get up that hill, and it is hard to get there without stalling or losing traction, possibly even slipping backwards. That is why cars have different gears. If you try and go downhill while in high gear, you will go too fast and lose control. If you try and go too fast uphill in the wrong gear, you can stall out, or just not have the power to get to the top. The solution? Downshift. Drop down to a lower gear, which aligns you with the proper speed and the proper power to get the job done, whether it is to control a downhill pace or add power to the uphill path.

Can you see where I am going with this analogy? Life is a lot like driving that car up or down the hill (life has it’s ups and downs, right?). Sometimes we are speeding along on a downhill slope and things just start to get out of control. Other times it is all we can do to make it ten more feet through our life because it is so hard to proceed when we are carrying a heavy load. The same holds true for our life as it does with our car. Sometimes we need to downshift! As a Christian, we need to periodically slow down, shift our pace down just a bit, and we will inevitiably gain power for the journey.

Jay is constantly on us to spend time alone with God. That is one way we downshift. Another way is to intentionally slow down, examine all your ministries and activities, and adjust your load so that the journey becomes more solid for you. I have been doing that lately, and I had forgotten just how much better life and service is when adjusted to the right pace, in the right gear. I was going so fast down hill, I was missing what God had on the roadside for my life. When I was headed uphill, I found the burden I was carrying was too much and began to fail at times. Neither one is good. Keeping the right gear and pace is something we have to intentionally do.

So my challenge for you this week is to pull over to the side of the road and look at what gear you are running in. If you need to downshift, do it intentionally, just as Jesus did at times during his ministry. You will enjoy the ride at a more reasonable pace. Now lets go enjoy those hills! Have a great week!

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