The internal battle …

Posted: July 23, 2008 in My Life, Spiritual Thoughts

I am sure that many others besides myself have an internal battle (although few will struggle with it).  Not sure what to call it, but it manifests itself in many ways.  Let me explain.

  • I know I need to get up early some mornings, but there is this internal struggle against it
  • I know I should not eat that extra piece of cake, but I struggle to resist it
  • Hmmm, go cut the grass, or go play golf?
  • Relax and let my wife cook dinner, or get up and go help?
  • Keep that old car that runs well, or go for the shiny new sports car?
  • Do I share with this other person my concern for something they are doing, or is it none of my business? (Uh-oh, it’s getting ugly now)
  • Do I go tell that person I wronged them, or just hope they won’t find out?
  • And so on, and so on …..

I tried to come up with a word for this struggle, but it is tough.  Is it:

Indecision (The inability to decide on a course of action, especially if two or more possibilities exist)?  Doubt (the state of being unsure of something), Or is it possibly just Sin (an act that is regarded as a transgression of God’s will)?

I don’t have an answer here folks, it is a tough call.  I just know this struggle exists, and that it is a battle I have to fight every day.  Things are not very black and white in this realm, nor does the decision apply to all people the same. If you are slim and trim, eating the cake is not a problem, but if you are struggling with weight, it is not good.  I just know that identifying the struggle and how to deal with it is on my heart.  I feel very good about a lot of my decisions, but sometimes I go the wrong way, and that leaves me unsettled.  God provides all we need, right?  Then am I missing something here?  I need him to help me with my decisions (or rather my indecision), but at times I am very confused on which way to go.

Anyway, I am just sharing here, as I said I have no answers, just a question!  How do you deal with this?


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