The coffee is strong, I had a great nights sleep, and God’s word is easy to understand!!

Posted: July 21, 2008 in My Life, Spiritual Thoughts, Uncategorized

That may be an interesting title, but it is what God brought to mind this morning to really appreciate.  Do you take enough time to be still and be thankful for things?  I know I don’t, and it is a shame to admit I have to be on vacation in Hilton Head to slow down for 5 minutes and appreciate all my blessings.

Anyway, the coffee is some kind of Kenyan blend, and it does actually remind me of times I have been in Kenya in the past, it is very strong!  The condo we are staying at is really nice, and looking out the back window over the balcony is a heavily wooded area looking at a golf course.  Beautiful view, with lots of God things to look at and contemplate.  I slept soundly until 8:30 this morning, which I never do.  Need to get the name of that mattress!  A good start to a good day, but wait — it gets better!

My bible reading this morning was in Proverbs chapter 4 (I am working my way through proverbs for a while, although I may skip around a bit this week)  God brought to mind the phrase, “Actions give results”.  But whoa Dennis…, slow down a bit!  There is so much more in this verse if you will stop and listen to ME:

Prov 4:1 “Listen, my sons, to a father’s instruction;
       pay attention and gain understanding.”

It would be easy to read this and and mainly get from it that listening = understanding, but what about all that is in between those two?  The bible gives us so much more when we pause, open our hearts and minds to God, and think a bit harder.  When I do that on this passage I get so many more points:

  • Listening is the first thing I must do (Listen).  Always start there
  • God is our father (my sons), and that is a special bond of love
  • That I should be listening to the Father (to a father’s).  There are way too many voices in my head sometimes telling me what to do (and no I am not schizo)
  • That he has wisdom he offers through instruction (fathers instruction)
  • That I need to be intentional in my efforts to hear God (pay attention)
  • That wisdom is an increase (gain).  I will benefit from getting it
  • What I will gain is understanding (and gain understanding).  Wow.  I so much want to understand more about life, God, me, so on and so on.

Okay, so from just thinking intentionally about what God is telling me, I took that one verse and it was expanded greatly for me.  God is pretty incredible. And reading his Word is easy if I will be intentional!  And to think I used to believe my pastor was so smart getting all those points  :-).

Thank you Father for a bit of understanding this morning that holds a key to so much more understanding!  You know I struggle with being able to apply myself to your Word at times.  Help me to keep these simple points I learned today close to my heart, and expand my understanding every day through your Word.


Goodness.  That was only the 1st verse of this chapter.  Do you realize how rich God’s ENTIRE word truly is?  Mind boggling.

  1. Good stuff Dennis – have a great vacation!

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