MAP International: My new (or is it old?) work home….

Posted: June 15, 2008 in My Life, My Work

  Well, it’s time for a major life change.  I worked for MAP International as the Information Technology Director for 16+ years.  I left to do my own thing, which is where I have been the last 6 years or so.

imageWell, I am back, as MAP’s new Director Of Business Information Systems (BIS)!  I have been in discussion for a couple of months with MAP since their current director left about the possibility of rejoining the organization.  It was during a couple of conversations with one of MAP’s board members (Thanks Chok-Pin)that I realized I did still have a lot of passion for what MAP was doing, and when I found out all the great work projects that would be there for me, I had to make the change.  I officially started back there on June 3rd, but only on a part time basis to get my hands on what there is to do.  I will be full time on July 1st.

Someone asked last week me how it felt to be back.  My answer?  “Feels like putting on a comfortable pair of old shoes”.  I will miss working with some of the great clients I have had the last 6 years, but am looking forward to the change back to working in a global organization as part of a great team of dedicated Christian people.

Thanks to God for the guidance — he is in this move for me.  Also thanks to those who helped me talk through this possibility.  Nice to know there are supporting people around!

And thanks so much to my wife for supporting this move, she is my partner of partners, and I am indeed a lucky man!

  1. Teresa says:

    What church do you go to? I got Saved 3 years ago June 5th. I have always had an interest in Serial Killers(weird, I know) So I was looking up Charles manson and then some how go tto your website. I go to a Church called “THE DOOR”. we have a pastor In corvallis that is a rice. Maybe you guys are related? long shot I know But Hey Could be a God thing! N-E ways I am so excited to see that there are prison ministries that are reaching people. I just recently saw a documentry on youtube about pelican bay penetentry and I have a huge desire for these guys to be saved. Thanks for surrendering your will to God. God Bless you

  2. Dennis Rice says:

    Hi Teresa.

    Lol. The link to the Dennis Rice that was a Manson follower is one I have heard before. I believe he is in the ministry somewhere now but really don’t know much about him.

    Regardless of how you arrived at my site, thanks for the comment and the blessings!. No, I am not related to the pastor Rice you mentioned as far as I know. I have never personally been involved in any prison ministry, but am glad there are those like yourself that do have that burden. People make mistakes, and I believe God wants to change them regardless! Best of luck as you answer that calling, no matter what form it takes!

  3. Dennis Rice says:

    Oh — sorry, I did not answer your question. I attend “The Chapel”

  4. Mike Koreckis says:

    Hey Dennis, Long time no see. Glad that you are back at MAP. I was asked by Dan Reed a while ago about coming back too, but felt that is not where I was supposed to be. Glad you talked with your family about the change and I hope and pray that you will make your mark there again like you did many years ago. I enjoyed working with you there. Take care and maybe we will run into each other at a gathering.

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