Lord, help me to love her more..

Posted: November 30, 2006 in Uncategorized

UsI was listening to some Steven Curtis Chapman music the other day.  He has a lot of great songs about his wife, and one (don’t remember the name right now) has lyrics about asking God to help him love her more.  Amen SCC.

I plead the same.  I love my wife with a mighty force, but fail her on a regular basis if seen through God’s eyes, because I do not love her as I should with an unfailing spirit in my selfishness.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife knows I love her, and I am supportive and good to her I think, but I still fail to show her all the love I shuold.  This morning she has a day that started at 6:30 a.m. with a meeting in Jacksonville an hour away, then she returns to Brunswick to work from 2 – 10:30 tonite.  I worry about her traveling and working all these hours, and I know God does as well.  I try and be encouraging to her, but probably spend too much time trying to solve her problems, and not enough time just being still and letting her know how much I love her.  Gotta work on that.  She works so hard on her job and at home to show us her love.

There is a saying about loving people when they are not loveable.  I have decided that is a saying not worth repeating any more in my life.  Everyone deserves to be loved, all day, every day.  No one is ever not “loveable”.  We all need it, we all want it, and God asks us to do it without ceasing, just as he does for us.  I cannot imagine God saying at any time that any one of his children is not loveable.

Sandra is more than loveable, she is perfect in God’s eyes, and I suspect when I start feeling like there is some reason she is being difficult and get upset with her, I need to search deeper within to discover the sin in my life that is keeping me from loving as God intended. I am blessed in so many ways because she is in my life.  There is never an excuse for not giving her unfailing love.  She is a gift from God.

I love you Sandra.  Forgive me where I fail you, but never, ever think I love you less when I do.

Lord, help me to love her more.


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