I tried to turn around ..

Posted: November 29, 2006 in My Life

Okay, this is a strange story, but I’ll tell it anyawy.

My daughter Lisa loves to make small craft things.  Last weekend she made me a small purple wrist bracelet out of a braided kind of string.  She was most proud of it, so I have worn it proudly.

Know what I love about it?  It makes me think of her during my day.  As I am going about my routine, it gets in my way sometimes, but always makes me smile.  I suppose to some it may look silly, but that matters not to me.  I wonder what she is doing, and I pray for her, and thank God I have her in mylife.

Anyway, that was background.  Today I was in a real rush to leave the house, and forgot to put it on after I took a shower this morning.  I walked out the door to get in the car, and locked the door behind me.  I realized I did not have it, and immediately turned around to unlock the door and go back into the house to get it, but realized I did not have my house key (another story later maybe).  I was separated from my bracelet, and there was really nothing I could do, so I went on with my day.  I thought about not having it all day, and it was with relief that I put it on when I got home (after retrieving my housekey).  Seem silly? 

The point in telling this story, is that there are things in our lives that are important, and today that connection with Lisa was one for me.  Maybe you would not feel the same, but I actually am glad that bothered me as much as it did.  It shows that there is a connection that I value, and that Lisa is important to me.  So many times I have missed the boat on focusing on my priorities, but on this day, I think I had it right.

Love ya Lisa. 

Love the bracelet.

  1. Jay Hanson says:

    I think noticing when soemthing is missing is the sign of its value to us. The same thing applies to our time with God. We should not beat our selves up so much when we miss it, but should rather celebrate that when we are not able to do it we miss it.

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