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Lord, help me to love her more..

Posted: November 30, 2006 in Uncategorized

UsI was listening to some Steven Curtis Chapman music the other day.  He has a lot of great songs about his wife, and one (don’t remember the name right now) has lyrics about asking God to help him love her more.  Amen SCC.

I plead the same.  I love my wife with a mighty force, but fail her on a regular basis if seen through God’s eyes, because I do not love her as I should with an unfailing spirit in my selfishness.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife knows I love her, and I am supportive and good to her I think, but I still fail to show her all the love I shuold.  This morning she has a day that started at 6:30 a.m. with a meeting in Jacksonville an hour away, then she returns to Brunswick to work from 2 – 10:30 tonite.  I worry about her traveling and working all these hours, and I know God does as well.  I try and be encouraging to her, but probably spend too much time trying to solve her problems, and not enough time just being still and letting her know how much I love her.  Gotta work on that.  She works so hard on her job and at home to show us her love.

There is a saying about loving people when they are not loveable.  I have decided that is a saying not worth repeating any more in my life.  Everyone deserves to be loved, all day, every day.  No one is ever not “loveable”.  We all need it, we all want it, and God asks us to do it without ceasing, just as he does for us.  I cannot imagine God saying at any time that any one of his children is not loveable.

Sandra is more than loveable, she is perfect in God’s eyes, and I suspect when I start feeling like there is some reason she is being difficult and get upset with her, I need to search deeper within to discover the sin in my life that is keeping me from loving as God intended. I am blessed in so many ways because she is in my life.  There is never an excuse for not giving her unfailing love.  She is a gift from God.

I love you Sandra.  Forgive me where I fail you, but never, ever think I love you less when I do.

Lord, help me to love her more.


I tried to turn around ..

Posted: November 29, 2006 in My Life

Okay, this is a strange story, but I’ll tell it anyawy.

My daughter Lisa loves to make small craft things.  Last weekend she made me a small purple wrist bracelet out of a braided kind of string.  She was most proud of it, so I have worn it proudly.

Know what I love about it?  It makes me think of her during my day.  As I am going about my routine, it gets in my way sometimes, but always makes me smile.  I suppose to some it may look silly, but that matters not to me.  I wonder what she is doing, and I pray for her, and thank God I have her in mylife.

Anyway, that was background.  Today I was in a real rush to leave the house, and forgot to put it on after I took a shower this morning.  I walked out the door to get in the car, and locked the door behind me.  I realized I did not have it, and immediately turned around to unlock the door and go back into the house to get it, but realized I did not have my house key (another story later maybe).  I was separated from my bracelet, and there was really nothing I could do, so I went on with my day.  I thought about not having it all day, and it was with relief that I put it on when I got home (after retrieving my housekey).  Seem silly? 

The point in telling this story, is that there are things in our lives that are important, and today that connection with Lisa was one for me.  Maybe you would not feel the same, but I actually am glad that bothered me as much as it did.  It shows that there is a connection that I value, and that Lisa is important to me.  So many times I have missed the boat on focusing on my priorities, but on this day, I think I had it right.

Love ya Lisa. 

Love the bracelet.

Simple truths

Posted: November 27, 2006 in My Life

I have heard this phrase often in my life, but never really let it sink in for some reason.  What does it mean to you?

Our pastor Jay talks about a lot of “simple” things.  This past Sunday, he spent a lot of time talking about prayer, and the simple act of doing so.  Prayer is but one of the simple things we can do that can affect great change in our lives.  What are yours?  Here are a couple of mine which come to mind that I want to publicly state so I can have some accountability:

  1. Start things, and expect God to do something with them
    I have so many good ideas about what I want to do to please God, to help other people, to improve my workstyle, etc., etc.  Problem is, I never seem to just get started.  One of the things I have wanted to do for several months is start a “Holy Group” (ala John Wesley as taught by Dave Hanson).  A HG is basically a group of people who spend time together, get to know one another and struggle with issues.  It can be a very small group, but it needs to be a group serious about caring for each other, and being open, accountable, and honest.  I had talked to Jay a while back about doing so, and he thought it was a great idea.  So did I.  But I didn’t do it.  Why?  I NEVER JUST TOOK A STEP TO GET STARTED.  Well, that changed today, when I actually called two people, both who were actually excited about becoming charter members of a HG.  It took 5 minutes.  Wow.  That was easy.  I can’t wait to see where God takes this.  I am expectant and eager, and God knows I am expecting great things.  He does great things every day, I am just not watching closely enough.  Shame on me.
  2. Don’t over complicate things
    Maybe it is my corporate management background, but I have had such a tendency to have to plan everything out to the nth degree.  That can have the effect of keeping me from doing step 1 above — getting started.  When it is all planned out, it seems intimidating.  That is not to say that we should not have a plan, just that we need to plan one step at a time, and not get overwhelmed.  Kinda like my “Spiritual Discliplines” plan I have been trying to work out with Jay for a long time.  I have been looking for a well rounded, fully fleshed plan for my own spiritual development, when what I needed was just one thing.  One thing to get started with.  I took a suggestion from Jay (again — does it seem he has a lot of influence on my life?  Well, he does.), and started with a simple prayer.  I actually did pray through a stoplight today, and it was actually kinda funny (hey prayer can be funny and still be good ya know!), but had a very calming effect on me, and prompted me to turn on my MP3 player and tune in some good christian music.  That carried me through the day (until I ran out of battery, which made me mad, so I prayed — AGAIN.  Cool.  Nice circle there.).
  3. Be who you are, and try to find out who others really are
    I know me.  I know me better than you will ever know me.  You know you, better than I will ever know you.  But you don’t ever really know the real me, unless I introduce you to me.  Okay — that sounded weird, but read it again and it will make sense.  I want you to know me, and I want to know you.  That will take time though.  Are you willing?  I am.  Watch out — you may have to take a risk here.  Can you trust God with that?

Okay — those were pretty random as they came into mind.  They aren’t complicated, just need a little focus.  Think I will go and pray about getting started being open to people.


Where have I been?

Posted: November 20, 2006 in Uncategorized

I have been asking myself the same question.  I do so love to post my thoughts here on this blog page, but never seem to allocate the time.

I used to have breakfast with my pastor Jay once a week, and so enjoyed that as well.

I used to have more time to get involved in helping out at The Chapel.

I used to go motorcycle riding with my son and my friends, and it was SO much fun.

I USED TO ………..

So what changed?  Where is the time that I used to have?  It got stolen.  Or I gave it away without realizing it.  I have so many demands on my time that I never seem to feel like I am using it wisely.  We all only have so much time on this earth, and I believe we should use it wisely on things we enjoy, yet we seem to end up with no time for those things.

I think I am trying too hard, for too many people, to be too many things at the same time.  This relates to the message my pastor Jay gave this weekend on being who God intended us to be.  I cannot be all things to all people, so need to learn to say “no” more often.  It is not in my nature, I want to help everyone do everything.