Bad dreams ….

Posted: August 28, 2006 in Uncategorized

I had a bad dream last night.  I won’t go into it, but suffice it to say that it was one of those that when I woke up I was VERY glad to know it was only a dream.

What are these dreams for?  What spiritual application can I make from this?  I went and did a little searching on dreams in my online bible (BibleGateway) for the word dreams.  I did not get a major spritual truth from it, but it did generate thoughts.

  1. When we speak of dreams we have, they are always a sort of goal for us, “My Dream Job”, or the “Man/Woman of my dreams”.  Why is that?  I have to say I have more bad dreams than good!
  2. God used dreams to speak to people a lot in the Bible.  I’m not sure about you, but I have yet to have a dream that seems to come from God!  More like the opposite, mine can be pretty frightening.
  3. When I hear people say God did speak to them in a dream, it always sounds freaky-weird to me (sorry).  I do not doubt God’s ability to do so, but the explanation always sounds pretty strange……
  4. What real purpose do dreams serve?  They are not reality, we have no idea what causes them, and from my perspective, I’d be better off without them.

So should I pray for God to speak to me through my dreams?  Personally, I would rather he did so while I was awake so I could be sure and remember them.

The dream I had last night was awful as I mentioned.  What it did do for me was raise my concious level of an issue that I need to deal with, just to be sure this event I dreamed about never occurs.  I guess it was good from that perspective, but man oh man, I could do without any more like that one!

Any deep theological thoughts on dreams?

  1. Sherry says:

    Hey, those are great blogs. Having passed our 1-year retirement anniversary, time has taken on a different dimension.

    I thought we had a very productive meeting last Thursday. Thanks.

  2. I never limit God as to how He can speak to me. If you think about it, when we are sleeping we aren’t moving around, we aren’t working, or being busy, or having our brains full of things to do for the day. While we are sleeping we are practically ‘dead’. Sometimes I think God finds the only time He can speak to us is through dreams because we are in this ‘dead’ state of not moving or being too busy to see Him work in our lives and around us. I’ve found that many of my dreams are confirmations of things in my life.

  3. Dennis Rice says:

    Good thoughts Patrick. Looking at my dream the other night though, it would be hard to imagine God was speaking during that time. It was one of those dreams that you wake up shaking from. Maybe I need to think back though on what it was saying…. I’ll do that, and see what God would have me learn from it.


  4. Jeremy says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I also just had one and was looking for things in the word (answers) when I found your site. I wanted to just take a moment and offer my thoughts back. Because we are asleep, and helpless, I believe that the enemy will always try to stoop to this lowest level and attack us when we are vunerable. I don’t believe that all dreams come from God. I believe that when you have these, you should wake up and BLAST the enemy in prayer. I believe this is the lowest form of cowerdice – to attack someone when they are helpless. So, I speak life to you right now, and I pray that God restore your dreams with His plan for your life. I pray that He gives you back what the enemy is trying to steal: your rest, your vision for His plan in your life, and your peace. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  5. Dennis Rice says:

    Thanks Jeremy, for the prayers and thoughts. There is something awesome about having someone I never met care enough to speak to God on my behalf. It is appreciated.

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