Monday, Monday. Monday ….., what will I choose today?

Posted: July 31, 2006 in My Life

Monday morning, oh joy … 🙂

I was just sitting here reading email, checking blogs I follow, etc., and came across this post by David Herndon.  David is glad to have his family home, which is a great thing.  But he comments a lot also about the stages of life and enjoying them as they come.  Amen David.

But this post is not about either of those things, it is about another thought that was prompted by David’s thinking.  This post is about celebrating the fact that it is Monday.  Monday is the first day of the work week.  I have a lot in front of me this week to do, and the general attitude is to dread it, mainly because it is so far from Friday!  But let’s think about this a sec.  If I am awake and able to get out of bed this morning, I have reason to celebrate.  If I have a job that I can go to this morning, that’s great.  If I have a chance to earn a living, what in the world is wrong with that?  So many people do not have those things.

Life is so much about choices.  What to think and feel on Monday morning is one of them.  We make a big deal about the choices we make on what we do, what we buy, where we go, etc. etc.  But what about our attitude choice?  David brought this to mind in his post buy choosing to look forward to life.  We make choices all day long in our mind about how we will think about things, how we will act to others, how we will react to thers actions, etc.  We get ourselves down a lot of time because we choose to make the wrong choice in our mind.  My pastor Jay spoke yesterday about rituals and rules governing our lives and our spiritual actions, and how that can get us in trouble.  It struck me that it came down to choices also.  So many things are choices.

I’m gonna work on my ability to make good choices and decisions.  I want to be more aware of the moments when I need to make a choice.  I think I just move past those points too quickly sometimes.  Maybe if I slowed down a bit and pondered some of my choices, I would make better ones both in my attitude and thoughts, as well as my directions and actions.  And maybe I would listen to God more clearly, if I would just “Be still and listen”.

Thanks David.  Thanks Jay. 

  1. Jay Hanson says:

    aND TO TIE IN today’s thought – the small choices – easy choices – empower us to make larger choices – more difficult choices. Makeing wise choices is an art form which can be cultivated and developed.

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