Church worked on me today …

Posted: April 9, 2006 in My Life

I went to church twice today, and got blessed twice. I went to my normal service at The Chapel, where Jay challenged us on why we worry so much what people think of us. Right on Jay. I worry way too much there, and way too little about how God feels about me. When I was on the Walk to Emmaus, I remember thinking and praying about that as well. Thanks for the well stated reminder.

Secondly, my wife and I were invited to 1st Baptist to see a dramatization done by Mark Tighlman (sp?) titled, “The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God”. It was awesome. So much faith through so much misery made me realize how small my faith has become, in spite of how spiritual I feel I am sometime. I’m trying. Trusting God with every step on my walk even when things are good is hard enough for me to remember to do, much less when things are falling apart around me. Job had every right in human eyes to be unfaithful and curse God, but he hung in there in a mighty way and triumphed, plus witnessed to so many. What a goal to seek. Oh to be one nth the husband, father, and friend of Job.

I was out of church for too long. It is truly wonderful to be back, and too be among such great people. I still struggle with some, but God is encouraging me every day to keep reaching out to those I seem to have trouble clicking with. I hope they see my heart. I want to know and help each one I meet, as we struggle through our walk together. I am thankful that God keeps putting me back in the game…….

  1. Jay Hanson says:

    Thanks for the onfolio I am enjoying it.

  2. Jay Hanson says:

    I tried to send you the stuff I was telling you about but I don’t think I got it out. Now I can’t get my email to open so I am not able to send it right now. I will try again this afternoon. Enjoy the day

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