People need people …..

Posted: February 21, 2006 in Uncategorized

I spent time today preparing for a class that was supposed to happen tonight. It didn’t happen though, God had other plans. A person needed a person, and God put us together. The time I spent today was good time. I was able to go back through a lot of the material my wife and I have been teaching for months now, and remember some of the good points. The struggle was what to present to people in a small “fly by” of the vast amount of material I had. I put it down and got still for a while, and just decided to hit some high points and let God take care of the rest. But then I never got to present it. What’s up with that?

We only expected less than 10 people to show up. Only 1 did. That could have been a bummer, but that 1 person needed to talk. That was God’s plan, and after that talk was over (after an hour or so), I was thankful God made it work out that way. What he did, was put together someone who needed to talk, with someone who wanted to listen. It was good, it was comfortable, and ended up being a blessing for both I think. It wil also result in this person continuing to get some help through the ministry I am involved in. My time today prepared me for something I did not know to prepare for. God is amazing.

I do not know why I continue to be surprised at how God works, it just seems silly. When I let go, he makes things happen. When I try and make things happen, I tend to make a mess of it. Even the desire to help someone else with all the right motives can end up a disaster if I leave Him out. I am ashamed to say I do that way too often. It’s not that I think him incapable, I just forget to follow in my determination to lead and do things to please Him. I need more following roles in my life I think. I need more chances to just sit back and follow others lead, but especially spend more time concentrating on God’s lead. I’m not scared to do what he asks, I am just scared to miss his call. He calls a lot, don’t you think? I just don’t think we are listening hard enough. I enjoy my time with my pastor for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is that for some reason, he reminds me (not always with words, sometimes with actions) to be still, listen, and obey. I also hear him struggle with the same things at times, and that makes me feel better — just to know someone with his level of spiritual maturity struggles with the same things I do.

Be there for at least one person today, give them a little extra time and see what happens. Look around, that person is there, but if you are not careful, you’ll walk right by them. Encourage someone to follow today, and practice it yourself. It’s pretty simple. Encourage yourself to be still, and know that he is God, and that to follow him is goooooooddddd ……. He sure was good to me today.

  1. Jay Hanson says:

    I learned the same lesson the other way. I missed my opportunity and only recoginized it in the rear view mirror. Thanks for helping me get the car turned around

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