Going on the “Walk to Emmaus”!!!

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Uncategorized

I have heard about this for years, and now I AM GOING. I can’t wait. I have so many friends that have gone on this walk, and without exception, they have raved about the experience, but won’t tell me what they did! Secret Society stuff I guess! All I really know is that it is meant to help you take your spirituality to the “next” level, whatever that means. My pastor Jay is my “sponsor”, for which I am grateful.

So what am I expecting? I’ll blog it now, then blog back when I actually do it, just to see. I bet it will be quite a bit different perspective then!
I expect:

  1. Some personal time to reflect on my own current spiritual condition
  2. To be convicted on where I am today in my “walk” vs. where I want to be spiritually
  3. To hear God speak to me on things I have not even considered
  4. To meet some like “pilgrims” that I will create a special bond with
  5. To be humbled
  6. To spend some time in the Word seeking things I do not even think about today
  7. To learn to love more
  8. Some good group interaction
  9. Some tears (from me, for me — from me for others — and some from others for me, I hope)

Small list for now, but I really am stoked about this…….

  1. Rob Bushway says:

    I’ve heard a lot about those walks – quite envious of you…will be praying…let me know when you go.

  2. Jay Hanson says:

    Perhaps the best thing about the walk is the removal of distractions, business being the most significant one. When we remove ourselves from the rush of life it is amazing what we can discover. We see new things and hear a forgotten voice. Call it perspective or priorities but a clarity comes when the clutter is removed. Planning too much for a journey can sometimes be a hindrance because it restricts our expectations and focus our attention to greatly on our agenda. Your expectations are broad enough to be open to God’s surprises. I wouldn’t ponder it too much more. Just be willing to keep listening to God.

  3. Dennis Rice says:

    I am always “willing” tolisten to God, just not sure I always do it like I should! 🙂

  4. Joycee Davis says:

    My original Walk was in 1998 and since that time I have worked on Four Walks. Given talks on three of the walks.
    My Walk has strenghten me in my church, strengthen me with my friends, with my husband, my children and now my two little grandchildren.
    My Walk enabled me to Step in Faith and Trust.

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